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Exoteric Contient I Cont-Ext - Residual EP ALTRE

by Exoteric Continent

9.00 / Sold Out

Residual EP by Exoteric Continent / Cont Ext
Format: 7”
Cat Nº: MS001

Limited pressing to 200 copies, silver-printed cover, collector's item.

Today we will present "ALTRE," a new label brought by a collaboration between Modern Obscure Music and Struments Records. We are very happy to announce that the first artist invited to form part of this series is Arnau Sala, who signs off two productions with the name "Exoteric Continent" and "Ex-Cont." 
All of the future releases from this new editorial line will be in a 7" format, and only 150 exemplary copies will be produced. On this occasion, the artwork is from the same artist. 

Arnau Sala is an acclaimed figure within the Barcelona musical panorama, having worked with different musical groups such as Les Aus, Bèstia Ferida or Veiled, and has worked for international labels such as Hospital Productions, Opal Tapes or even his own platform, Anómia.