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Pedro Vian - "Beautiful Things You Left .." Remixes (Tevo Howard, Eric Copeland...)

by Pedro Vian


“BTYLUFM Remixes” is finally available on MOM’s catalogue.

After a brilliant response to Pedro Vian’s debut “Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories” towards the end of 2016, we are excited to at last release “BTYLUFM Remixes,” an EP that showcases five remixes from Eric Copeland, a frequent collaborator of Animal Collective; the Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt; and the exceptional musician and DJ Tevo Howard and Escapismo, an anonymous project of which we cannot detail any information.

The release will be available in vinyl and digital towards the start of June, reuniting the subjective and stylistic interpretation of each producer, effectively translating the tracks into a more dance-oriented, clubbing feel.