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[REPRESS] Pedro Vian - Dancing Hindus EP Inc. Madteo & Hieroglyphic Being Remixes

by Pedro Vian

12.00 / Sold Out

Dancing Hindus EP comprises two original tracks that will come with two remixes of authentic luxury loaded with a particularly strong experimental burden. The invited artists to join this artist on his EP debut are on the one hand the sound artist Hieroglyphic Being (USA) and on the other hand the Italian-futuristic Madteo (IT), who is currently living in NY. On side A of the disc we find an original track entitled News From Near Future, which is along techno noisy lines at low revs and full of highly emotionally charged melodies. The second track is the remix by Jamal Moss, head of the American squadron Mathematics Recordings, who is in charge of deconstructing the track that gives name to the EP. On the flip side of the disc we discover a monumental reinterpretation by Madteo 15 'minutes long.In this case the artist wanted to reflect three different visions of News From Near Future in one piece. Dancing Hindus is a construction with sediments coming from the sampler and kept in a completely hypnotic loop. It will only appear in the digital edition. The 12 "has drawn the attention of big name artists such as Dj Sottofet, James Holden or John Talabot.