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Ivy Barkakati's Mango Sheen - Ltd to 20 / Transparent 6" (One per Customer)

by Ivy Barkakati

11.00 / Sold Out

Out for RSD - 22/04/2017

Some words from Ivy about the track.

My mom is from Saigon. She came to the US as a refugee in 1975. My dad is from India. I’m the first person in my family born in the US.

I recorded “Mango Sheen” in Baltimore the summer of 2011, upon returning from a trip to Vietnam. The title is a play on mangosteen, a tropical fruit. The track is an edited live jam made with my Dave Smith Mono Evolver keyboard.

I wasn’t specifically thinking about Vietnam when I made it, but the experiences I had during the trip were certainly being channeled in some way. The synth sounds lush, which is the word I’d use to describe the vegetation in Vietnam. It makes me think of rolling ocean waves, how I spent time around water during the trip—kayaking and sleeping on a boat in Halong Bay, spending a morning at the floating market in Can Tho, and making the trip from Vietnam to Cambodia by speedboat.