Pedro Vian - Pedro Vian LP


Image of Pedro Vian - Pedro Vian LP

Pedro Vian – Pedro Vian – Modern Obscure Music OUT 1 February

Pedro Vian’s new album is self-titled. The decision to release a self-titled album is taken by an artist who wants to share themselves fully with their audience. The Amsterdam based artist is releasing this album via his own Modern Obscure Music imprint. It is the follow up to 2016’s acclaimed Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories. This new LP is a deeply personal affair. Falling somewhere between Electronic Rock, Ambient and Downtempo, the album shows the depth and maturity of Vian’s sound. Melody is of key importance, as is the combination of different textures and soundscapes. With this, Pedro is able to share with us his emotions and feelings. We have the opportunity to enter his musical world and discover the varied delights within.

by Pedro Vian