Sam Haar - Euso

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Modern Obscure Music welcomes Sam Haar to the imprint for the first album released by an artist other than label founder Pedro Vian. The album is entitled Euso. Sam Haar is a New Jersey born producer and sound artist. Influenced by both experimentalism and traditional dance music, Haar’s music is something uniquely his own. He is best known as being one half of musical hardware loving duo Blondes with Zach Steinman (neither of them are actually blonde). They famously favour machines over computers and provide hypnotic live shows. Blondes have released the majority of their discography for Rvng Intl., before jumping to R&S in 2017 for the more danceable Warmth album.

Euso is an intense exploration of sounds, textures and feelings, with field recordings laid over coarse soundscapes. Haar’s compositions are woven patchwork-like from the fabric of the sounds that he uses. There is a real feeling that his music is alive, due to the fluidity of his compositions and how the tracks mutate.

The album opener Paradiso offers colourful synthetics alongside running water and bold sounds. Hal (the Slip) features urgent percussion and hypnotic bass sounds, whilst Gold Coast sees vibrant synths do battle over emotive strings. Radial splits sounds and reforms textures in an ever-changing manner and Stabilis snatches lost dialogue over machinery type misshapen beats and poised synths. Awatsa is bathed in watery synthetics and is lifted higher by combo of strings and punched beats, as Hive offers wonderful synth based confusion. Plegadas rounds off the LP with eerie strings, ghosted vocal forms and enveloping synths. The Euso album is a powerful musical statement from Sam Haar.

by Sam Haar