Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives

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Image of Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives

Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives

Modern Obscure Music label launches a new sub-division under the name MOMArchives. MOMArchives is a reissue label that will focus on electronic music. All releases will be available on vinyl and also digitally.

The first release is Neocrystal by Japanese producer Yoshihiro Sawasaki. It is a fantastic slice of mid 90s Japanese Ambient Techno that needs to be heard by a larger audience. Yoshihiro Sawasaki is a Kyoto based producer who has released music under aliases such as Naturally Gushing and Doctor YS & the Cosmic Drunkards on labels like Sublime Records, Apollo Records and V2. Neocrystal was originally released on Sublime Records back in 1994. Sublime Records is an important label in the history of Japanese electronic music. The imprint has released music by domestic artists such as Susumu Yokota and Ken Ishii, as well as foreign talent such as Global Communications. The B Side to Neocrystal is Magic Dome. This was licensed to Dave Angel’s installment of the legendary X-Mix series on Studio K7!

The first MOMArchives release begins with the ‘On The Beach’ mix of Neocrystal. It is a dreamy ambient track with gorgeous key washes and reverberating synthetics. It is followed by Magic Dome, a spacey keyed cut with bright synth play, subtle percussion and hypnotic key work. This is a wonderful archive release from Yoshihiro Sawasaki and it is a great start for MOMArchives.

by Yoshihiro Sawasaki


Image of Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives Image of Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives Image of Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Neocrystal - MOMArchives